Snow Report - 7/1/2011

Great Basin Bicycles will be closed on Monday, the 4th of July


The Great Flume Trail is mostly open from Spooner Summit / Spooner Lake.  There are a couple small snow drifts around the back side of Marlette Lake.  Nothing you can't just jump over.  The Tahoe Rim Trail from Mt Rose Meadows - Hwy 431 is still snowed in.  That section of the Tahoe Rim Trail should be clear in about a week.  In South Lake Tahoe, Sidewinder is open, and the trail is mostly open to Armstrong Pass.  You will run into snow just before Armstrong Pass.  So, Mr. Toads Wild Ride is still snowed in but should also be clear in a week or so.  

Downieville race has been changed.  The cross country race has been cancelled due to a high snow load.  The river jump has been cancelled due to high water, and cold water.  The Down Hill Race is still going to happen.  They are shoveling snow off the course as we speak.

Have fun, and be safe.