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We are conscious of the fact that as a part of the community we must always give something back. Northern Nevada is our home--whether we are native born or chose to live here we are all traveling down the bike path of life together--lets make our home a nicer place. Try to be courteous even when a hazardous driver cuts you off--it is better to smile and to wave than give them the reaction they really deserve. There is enough anger and road rage out there, give the "smile" instead. We can be magnanimous--we are Cyclists!

We encourage you to get out and ride; we live in a great place! Discover it on your bike! Take a day and ride somewhere new! Check out our trail maps or stop by the store and pick up a book! We have many titles and authors at our store. Do not delay! There are only a limited number of cycling days in our life, take the time now and enjoy this wonderful scenic area we call home--Northern Nevada!

You can count on us to know what it takes to withstand everyday abuse. If you think you're hard on your bike, you should see the ones with 40 lbs. of police gear after a few sets of downtown stairs and curbs!

Our owner, Rich Staley, has been teaching basic bicycle maintenance (flat fixing, derailleur adjusting, brake pad replacement, and so on) at Great Basin Bicycles since 1990, to help consumers take care of their own bikes. Our classes are small, take only one evening, and you learn on your own bike. Classes are $25 per person, and at least 4 people. You will get a full $50 tune-up on your bike, but you will know how to fix it yourself next time. Classes are structured around the questions that you have, and the bikes you bring. Round up 4 people, and call for a class. We will set up a time after store hours, and around your schedule.

Call our store owner, Rich, for more details. 775-825-8258