Dynamic Bike Fitting / Efficiency Training

Ever notice how the pro's just sit calmly on their bikes, as if they are one?  Their upper body is so stable, you could place your drink between their shoulders while they ride and it wouldn't fall over.  How do they do that?  The answer is in an efficient pedal stroke.  There is much more to cycling than just a "bike fit," there is also how you pedal the bike.  It is a system.  These two things happen at the same time, so they have to be dealt with at the same time.  A bike fit is just that, a bike fit!  But doing a Spin Scan Bike Fit, working with pedal efficiency and fit at the same time creates a system, you and the bike working together.

I believe the best bike fit is done dynamically, riding as if you would be riding outside.  I will observe both your pedal stroke, and your fit on the bike.  A basic bike fit that does not look at pedal efficiency gives you an average fit on the bike, and if you have a bad pedal stroke, you will get a bad fit.  My belief is a bike fit should entail all aspects of riding.  Not just fitting you to your bike, but helping you become the most efficient rider that you can.  If you increase your efficiency, you will finish your rides faster, and more refreshed. For this reason, we use Spin Scan by Racer Mate.  This enables us to hook YOUR BIKE up to a computer that analyzes your pedal stroke and fit.  It will draw a graphic representation of your pedal stroke on a TV monitor that you can see, and manipulate by using different leg muscles, and changing your pedal stroke.  This dynamic bike fit is a process of educating you on how to pedal, and putting you in the proper position that enables you to become more efficient.  

A traditional bike fit generally places you in an average location on the bike, but does not account for differences in flexibility, surgeries, leg length, fused vertebrae, or any other anomaly.  By using the computerized Spin Scan, we can see how each change helps or hinders your fit and pedal stroke. 

A Spin Scan Bike Fit will taylor your bike to you and your riding style. It will take into account everything about you, and make you the fastest, most efficient rider you can be.

For questions please call Rich at Great Basin Bicycles 775-825-8258

A bike fit done with the Spin Scan costs $80.00 per fit, and takes around 1 hour to complete.