North West Reno - Peavine Singletrack

North West Reno - Peavine Singletrack

West Carson - Ash Canyon

West Carson - Ash Canyon

Carson Area Rides

West Carson : Ash Canyon PDF

East Carson : Centennial Loop (Near Eagle Valley Golf Course)

North Carson: Churchill Bute


Sparks Area Rides

East Sparks: Pah-Rah Zipper and Dry Lake Petroglyphs

West Truckee - Donner Rim Trail

West Truckee - Donner Rim Trail

Truckee Ca. Area Rides

North Truckee: Commemorative Immigrant Trail

North Truckee:  Lloyds Loop

North Truckee:  Mt. Lola 

South Truckee: SawTooth Trails

 West Truckee: Hole in the Ground Trail Loop

 West Truckee: Donner Rim Trail


Out of Area Rides

Auburn, Ca: Forrest Hill - Clementine Loop

Bishop, Ca.:  White Mountain Climb

Calistoga, Ca: Oat Hill Road

Downieville, Ca:  Downieville Downhill Trails

Hat Creek, Ca: Burney Mtn. Fire Lookout

Nevada City:  Pioneer Trail

San Francisco, Ca: Mt. Tamalpais and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

San Francisco, Ca. (Fairfax): Tamarancho

                                                                        Santa Barbara - Romero Trail

                                                                        Leadville, Co: Leadville Silver Rush 50


                                                                  Destination Rides!   

 Nightingale Mining District- Pyramid Lake - Nixon area.

Seven Troughs Mining District - Tunnel Camp - Lovelock area