Compu-Trainer Classes (Mainly Winter Months):

Classes are $12.00 each (unless you do 2 in a row, then the second is $5.00)

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Compu-Trainer Classes are offered all winter long.  We have 16 total units, 2 different banks of 8.  Each bank is independently linked together so that 8 riders can ride a course created by me (Rich Staley – Owner of Great Basin Bicycles,) each around 20 miles long.  Some a little shorter, and some longer.  There are uphills, and downhills.  We program into the computer how much you weigh, and which unit you are on, one through eight.  As you ride the course, the computer will change the resistance on your unit based on your weight, and what percent grade you are going up or down.  The computer displays the course with ups and downs, and shows where all riders are.  Below the course, it displays each riders specific data:  How fast you are going, your average speed, wattage, average wattage, heart rate (optional), cadence (optional) and watts per kilogram.  Unlike a spin class, these classes are done ON YOUR PERSONAL BIKE.   You just have to make sure that you have a slick tire on the rear wheel of your bike.  We hook you up, and work with you to help you take your cycling to the next level.  If you just want to ride to stay in shape, that is ok also.  We can structure any class around the people that show up.  That is what makes this more fun.

If you have a couple of riders that want to do an independent/private class, let me know.  So if you are interested, give me a call. 

Rich at Great Basin Bicycles 775-825-8258


Compu-Trainer Class sign up

To sign up for Compu-Trainer classes, first look at the available times and dates in the calendar above.  Then e-mail me directly for sign up.

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